Mobile Skip Bins

Aus skip provides mobile skip bins that have many advantages over regular skips and junk removal services.

Aus Skip mobile skip bins:

– have lockable lids that stop others using your skip bin
– they are gentle on driveways and nature strips,
– if parked in the street don’t require a council permit in most cases, and
– they cost less because we have more efficient means of transport and disposal.

But aside from all of that our mobile skip bins are more convenient. You can;

– place them closer to your rubbish, so you don’t have to carry your waste so far,
– locate them in underground car parks,
– use rear lanes to access car ports and garages


Hiring a Mobile skip bin with Aus Skip you are assured that our Mobile Skips can carry the same as

 W bin24 Wheelie Bins      box-trailer7x59 Box Trailers

Contact us now and hire a 1.2 ton mobile skip bin that will change your way to see the rubbish removal industry. Our Skip bins are a lot more practical and cost effective than any other rubbish removal service in the market.


  • Width 200cm x Length 220cm x High 120cm – 150cm
  • 2000kg GVM
  • 6 Cubic Metre
  • Lockable Lid
  • Rear Barn Doors